Zeitgeist is required watching!

Life. It’s a choice between fear and love. 

Did you see Zeitgeist yet? If not, take a couple of hours, sit down and watch this. This movie attempts to tell us the truth. The truth of religion, politics, and money.. the 3 things we’re “never supposed to talk about with others”.

Did you know that there is no law that says we need to pay taxes and that they are unconstitional? Did you know that the Federal Reserve is a private company? Did you know that 9/11 was an inside job? Did you know that Jesus quite possibly never existed? There are so many shocking things talked about in this film. And yes, it’s all documented and verifyable.

It makes me so mad to see how we as a people don’t care about this stuff! We’re being used. Real life is a reverse metaphor of “The Matrix” where we are all just being used and the whole world we know of is an illusion. We live in the Brave New World right now. Why don’t we care?

We’re fucked man

So. Is it possible to be happy about the world we live in today? I’m not sure.. Everything seems so fucked up. I write about here all the time.. I wonder if maybe I think this way because I’m critical of the world and if I just put on my happy person blinders and gave in to society I would feel a lot better. If I wanted to I could come up with 10 fucked up stories a day and post them here. Here’s one. Here’s another. I mean, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. When I was younger, the world was full of promise. The future was a place we wanted to get to.. Now, the future scares me. Well, actually it used to scare me. I’ve become resolved to our demise. Now I look forward to the decay of our civilization. I look forward to the day when people look back and say “what the hell have we done?”.. or maybe that day will never come. Maybe we will simply forget our potential and become complacent in our mediocrity.

Will we ever start treating each other as equals? Will we ever give up the endless pursuit of pointless things? Will we ever decide as a species to improve ourselves? Will we ever stop and realize that we could be doing so much more? Will we ever stop killing? Will we ever stop exploiting? Will we ever care for our planet? Will we ever think beyond the next earnings cycle? Or the next election?

I sure don’t think so.

Aqua Teen Terror Alert

How funny.. and how sad… Read here. Apparently, yesterday the Boston police went all psycho with terror fears when they found LED covered signs (part of a viral marketing campaign for Aqua Teen Hunger Force) all over Boston. Everyone in the law enforcement community are up in arms. What makes the story perfect to me is all the comments at the bottom. The first 10 or so I read hit the nail on the head:

This, to me, is proof that the terrorists are winning.

-What a paranoid and guilt-ridden country America has become, under the regime of the neocons.

-Have people lost their minds? I know 9/11 CHANGED EVERYTHING, but is it now an act of terrorism to install blinking neon signs throughout a major metropolitan area? Forgive me if I can’t see what people got so freaked out about in the first place.

-Discipline those who mistook these gizmos for a bomb, not the advertisers.., to paraphrase, one thing (there are others) we should continue to fear is our own fears and shamefully zealous prosecutorial mindsets of grandstanding leaders with no sense of humor

-I am sorry but I think the only people who acted irresponsibly were the Boston Police Department. Who in their right mind would mistake these devices with bombs? It’s obviously a cartoon character. There are many other devices in and around bridges and tunnels that are more suspicious than these square light brights. I think this whole incident highlights the absurdity of city officials and police who overreact in situations such as this. Shutting down the Charles River? Even if they were bombs what in gods name would that have done? Sometimes I think officials simply like to show off how many overreactions they can produce just to win political points on their “serious about terrorism” score card. Meanwhile no one can get home from work because we have entrusted our safety to fools. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put up an F-16 or two.

How this situation should have been handled …

“We have a report of a suspicious package can (insert unit) respond?”

“Yes we responded, it’s not a bomb, it’s a cartoon character that lights up and blinks.”

Event over.

-I’ve never seen a more adorable “bomb” in my life! I understand that the city is upset, but public art and guerilla marketing are a great part of our society. Here’s a great example of, if done right, how well it can work.

And on and on.. And it’s true. Our whole lives have been needlessly turned upside down because of these bogymen the BWH has created. Sure 9/11 happened and sure terrorists can attack us, but let me tell you this, if they are determined enough, there is little we can do to stop them.. The next big attack from terrorists will come in a form that we didn’t expect, it’s illogical to think otherwise. Sorry to tell you the truth.

You know.. I was reading more and I just realized that these were up for over a week before anything happened.. How prepared are the Boston authorities? I mean, if they deemed these things a threat, shouldn’t they have noticed them sooner?

Update : just saw a great post on this same issue here.


While we’re on the subject of security, give this article (Real-ID: Costs and Benefits) a read. It’s about the national ID plan that was snuck into a support the troops bill and is going to cost us $11 Billion and practically do nothing for us except make us feel more secure while we’ll actually be less secure.. It’s kind of sad actually but in my world, perfectly predictable.

How to get arrested.

I don’t have the time to do an editorial on how stupid and insanse some of the airport security measures are. (I think you all know how I would comment if I did.), but I want you all to to be aware (and keep an eye on) of a story that I just found.. As you should know, to get into the “safe” area of an airport, you need a boarding pass and an ID. If you don’t have them or don’t want to show them, bad things may happen. Now, as many of you should have noticed (I know I did), you can easily forge a fake boarding pass and get through (Chuck Schumer has explained this at length).

So, a doctoral student from the University of Indiana decided to expose the issue a bit more by building his own publicly accessable “boarding pass generator”. He is now being seriously harrassed by the FBI and may end up being arrested. For what you ask? God knows, but they are doing it and this poor kid is going to have to fight for his life with no lawyer or money.

You can find his blog here. You can find great info on his story here. (also here). Outrage? Of course.. this my friends is the world we live in. Instead of solving the problem (if it actualy exists and is in fact actually solveable) of security, we simply arrest and silence anyone who speaks out about it. Ugh.

Why We Fight

Well.. today was a perfect day to see the film “Why We Fight“. It’s a film about the military-industrial complex and talks about 9/11 and the war in Iraq. Let me just say this. After watching it, if there was an easy way for me to leave this country and renounce my citizneship I would. It’s not just the Bush White House, it’s not just the neo-cons. It’s the entire system we have. Congress, D and R all are in the pockets of these companies. There is this battle between capitalism and democracy and guess who’s winning? In November we need to vot out the old guard and clean house across the board!
Wow.. This film was spectacular and I think you should see it.

9/11 Coverage Reply by CNN

This is actually pretty cool to me. CNN on their web video portal will be showing their entire broadcast from 9/11 in real time. I’m a 9/11 junkie and I actually have about 6 hours of coverage on VHS that I recorded from that day sitting in a saftey deposit box. This seems like a great way to go over events as they occured. I’m sure there will be people protesting it though…

The 9/11 Report

I finally finished reading the 9/11 Report. The version I read was the one published by the New York Times. It was a long read (considering that the report didn’t start until I’d read 100 pages of introductions and stuff, which were interesting). Let me start off by commending the people who wrote the report. They did an amazing job considering all the stonewalling they faced across the entire government. They did an amzing job getting facts and information from all the sources they could find and putting them all together in a cohesive report. There is no doubt that if the BWH would have cooperated more, there would have been even more useful info disseminated, but of course that didn’t happen.

I highly reccomend that you buy a opy of the book if you are interested even in the least about 9/11 and terrorism. There is a ton of facts in the book and a good amount of background info and info on how the govt. and it’s agencies are structured, etc. There is, of course great info on 9/11 as well. But you should remember that in some cases the information in the report is single sourced and should not be taken as gospel.

I think what I got most out of the report and what I was most surprised about was the fact that the comission did more than just report the facts. These guys took a really good and hard look at the way our government and agencies work and they made some really good recomendations on how to make things better. I know that the BWH has been resistant to most of the reccomendations and that’s just simply sad stuff since these ideas are really, really good and they are more than just pie in the sky. These are reccomendations by a group of people who really studied the failures we had on 9/11.

I hope that the next administration will take a more active role in re-organizing our capabilities and take these reccomendations as a serious set of guidelines.. We’ll see I guess..