A sad day for Lego

2014-07-18 11.37.35Well we moved into a new office and I finally decided to complete my Star Destroyer project (see here for all my Lego posts) by hanging the Destroyer from the ceiling. This seemingly simple task was way harder than one would think.

I bought some fishing line and some wire and with the help of my friend Andy came up with a plan to suspend the very heavy model from the supports in the center. We tried a number of different solutions and finally decided to use one central point at the center of mass and then have another line out the back to adjust the tilt.

We worked really hard to get it perfect and we got it up and mounted and it looked amazing and it wasn’t going anywhere. So I next decided to remove the legs underneath the model since we could now fly…

Here is where the accident happened. I took off one tiny foot portion of one of the legs and the balance along the ‘roll’ axispic5-1 immediately changed and the model rolled slightly. This roll made the top portion of the ship fall/roll off and fall to the floor. At this point I yelled “Fuck no!”

1Oa3ARiand then the ship rolled even more due to the loss of the top portion and the top wing flew off and then all hell broke loose and the entire ship just fell apart in front of me and crashed to the floor. What was left was the perfectly hung frame.

It was a sad fate but it was totally worth it. Go big or go home right?

2014-07-18 11.37.42

What is going on in Iraq

isis-is-finding-support-during-lightning-advances-in-iraq-article-body-image-1402707814I really love the Dan Carlin “Common Sense” podcast. Dan seems to really have a way of seeing the world that lines up almost perfectly with me. His most recent show (titled : “Riding Chaos to Stasis”) is something that you all should listen to if you are even a tiny bit interested in what’s going on in Iraq right now. Dan is a historian and he gives us a little history lesson about the region which is super enlightening.┬áIt really taught me a lot about how the borders of Iraq (and other countries in the area) were drawn and how England and France and the like really messed things up after WW1.

The episode also talks a bit about ISIS and after you hear it I’m not sure you won’t be convinced that we should just leave things alone. I certainly don’t want the US getting involved in that region and especially in Iraq.

Give it a listen. You will be glad you did!