Kickstarter Union

I give money from time to time on Kickstarter and I was just thinking that I’ll be a bunch of my friends and contemporaries do as well. I give when I think the project is worthwhile and I give an extra bonus when it’s a project by people I know and trust will do a great job. The problem is that I don’t get exposed to enough projects and the ones I do get exposed to don’t get enough contributors.

What if I organized a group of friends and we all trusted each other enough that we would contribute blindly to projects that the others recommended? For example, I just gave to a project that I thought deserved some serious funding. It would be awesome if I could drop an email to my Kickstarter Union and told them to contribute and they would since they knew that when they needed me I would do it for them. What if we had a web site/app that would make this easier to manage?

Good idea? I don’t know. In the meantime go to my profile and support the active projects that I’m currently supporting!

Yea We Done

All done building the Star Destoyer. I’ve got more photos at home but I wanted to update all of you anyway so I dropped what I had into this post. Only thing left is to bring in my real camera and take some better pictures and then hang this thing from the ceiling at work somewhere. Thanks JHarv for the legos!


Why am I paying for Apple Store security?

Can someone please explain to me why there is a Philadelphia Police officer stationed in the Apple Store here in Philadelphia? Or the one at Target? Or the one at Whole Foods? Or the one at TD Bank? Or the one at Bank of America?

Why is it that my tax dollars are paying for security guards at these private institutions? Perhaps you will tell me that they are off duty and making a few extra dollars. But why then are they fully uniformed with badges and radios and guns?

Isn’t there something somewhere that says that this is not allowed to happen? Why don’t more people complain about it?