Check this Out

Check this out. In Oregon they cut budgets so much that there is no emergency sheriff service on evenings and weekends. This poor woman was assaulted because of it : (source NPR)

AMELIA TEMPLETON, BYLINE: Josephine County, in the southwest corner of Oregon, was probably the hardest hit. The sheriff’s department lost more than half of its funding. As a result, deputies no longer respond to emergency calls in the evenings or on the weekends. Calls like this one, made just last August.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #1: 911 emergency.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #2: My ex-boyfriend is trying to break into my house. I’m not letting him in, but he’s, like, tried to break down the door, and he’s trying to break into one of the windows.

TEMPLETON: The threat she was reporting was real. Her ex was wanted by the state police for parole violations. We’re not using the woman’s name because it’s NPR’s policy not to name the victims of sexual assault. She told dispatch her ex had hurt her before.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #2: He put me in the hospital a few weeks ago, and I’ve been trying to keep him away.

TEMPLETON: The call came in on a Saturday at 4:58 in the morning. None of the sheriff’s deputies in Josephine County were on duty. So dispatch transferred the call to the Oregon State Police, but they also didn’t have anyone available.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #1: I don’t have anybody to send out there.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #1: You know, obviously, if he comes inside the residence and assaults you, can you ask him to go away, or do you know if he’s intoxicated or anything?

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #2: I’ve already asked him. I’ve already told him I was calling you.

TEMPLETON: The dispatcher stays on the phone with the woman for 10 minutes and 21 seconds. She tells the caller to try to hide in the house.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #1: Is he still there?



TEMPLETON: And four times in total, she says there isn’t anyone who can help.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #1: Once again, it’s unfortunate you guys don’t have any law enforcement up there.

TEMPLETON: According to police records, a few minutes later, the woman’s ex-boyfriend, Michael Bellah, used a piece of metal to pry open her front door. He then attacked her. Eventually, state police arrested him, and he pleaded guilty to sexual assault and sodomy, among other charges.

The Lego Imperial Star Destroyer

A friend and co-worker left for another job in another state and he knew that I was a big lego nerd as evidenced by the 3 foot tall Statue of LibertyIMG_20130520_114945 IMG_20130502_100245

sitting in my office. This statue was built over a period of a couple of months by about 4 of us at work during our free moments. So anyway, this friend John decided to leave me with a parting gift : a Lego Imperial Star Destroyer (Lego Kit # 10030). This is a pretty huge kit with about 3000+ pieces and apparently someone had paid John with it instead of paying rent or something. John brought the kit in to work over a few days (he had to lug it on septa every morning in large cardboard boxes) and deposited it in front of my desk.IMG_20130502_100245


I have made it my mission to build this beast and hang it over my desk with fishing wire, perhaps aimed at lady liberty.

But there are a few steps involved. First off, J told me that while most of the parts were there, some were not. Secondly, the kit he gave me was partially assembled. Thirdly, there is of course work to do for Comcast. Projects like this take a lot of time to do since I can only work on them when I have a free moment (waiting for a build or a meeting or taking a moment to think about a particularly hard solution to something).

But anyway, I have accepted the challenge.

The first thing I did was buy a few nice plastic containers as my starting point. After bringing them into work I started to disassemble the kit and separate the parts into 3 bins:  Small Parts, Flat Parts, and Other. This has taken me about 3 weeks to complete. The fruits of my labor are right here…


So what is next? Inventory. I need to know what parts I have and what I need (so I can order them). Luckily there is an amazing site that I found called that catalogs each lego set. I plan to print out the inventory and then check off every part until I have an idea of what I will need. From there, I will order from Lego the rest and then the build can finally begin.

I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to buy more boxes to separate the parts even more as as I do the inventory. I may end of doing that. But in either case, I hope to keep you all informed on my progress.. Keep checking back 🙂

Twitter Feed

For those of you who don’t like using twitter I have added a page to my blog that has my feed embedded in it. If you prefer an RSS feed of my twitter you can find it here.

For the future I plan on continuing to add interesting links and photos and things I find on the internet to the twitter (@neodem) so now you have 3 ways to follow it. I’m sorry it’s not facebook and there is no real way to comment on things but for now it’s going to have to do until I find a nice way to move all this to G+ (if ever).

Blog thoughts

I’m dumping Facebook and wondering what the direction here should be. Should I post more personal things? Should I post links like I do on Fb? These are things I want to share but I don’t want this blog to be filled up with stuff that people wouldn’t care about. Maybe I was thinking of a feed to go along with the blog that just had interesting stories and links. This is essentailly my twitter feed. Maybe I’ll make a page for that. What do you think?