Want to go to Mars?

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So Mars One had a press conference on Monday announcing their plans to send a group of people on a one way trip to Mars to colonize. Anyone between 20-40 can apply and the plan is to send supplies starting in 2016 and the first crew will launch in 2022 for the one-way trip. They are going to fund this with revenues from a reality show about the mission.

First off, I know this sounds far fetched but I kind of love the idea. Obviously this would be a huge television event spanning years. Once the crew is chosen you will get to know them and you also see the colony being built and once they land you will have 24 hour access to them. This is an amazing idea.

I haven’t read with that much depth, but I suppose their plans are to use Space X rockets and such, which are not fully tested as of yet.

As for the crew, the big question is “who would want to go to mars and never come back?” Well, in my 20s I would have done it and it seems there a lot of people who would too. These guys know how to generate interest. Already you can view and favorite and rank the applicants.

Of course there are technical things and financial things that need to be solved and there are already people making semi-valid arguments against the success of the project, but you know what? This is a dream and this could become reality if enough of us get excited for it. I know I am.

Beautiful Lego and Photos

Check out this link. These 2 artists combined to compose beautiful photographs. The photos are mostly real except for the addition of one or more lego sculptures placed into them.

For example, the umbrella in the photo below is Lego :



A new Author

I’m going to try to start writing a bit more here on the blog. I was having lunch with my friend Tyler today and we were complaining about how there is no dialog anymore in the world. So while we wait for others to join our conversation we’re going to try to sustain one here.

So there you go..