A concept for another short about memory

Narrator : How sure are you that your memory is true? If it were possible for that memory to be altered, how could you tell?

You woke up this morning certain of your existence  of your past, of last night, of your childhood. What if all of those memories were not real? What if yesterday you were someone else entirely?

An idea for a short video I’d like to make

Narrator : This world exists for you. Everything you see, touch and interact with exists just for you. It was created with your help. You designed it and designed the ‘life’ you are leading right this second. Yesterday didn’t happen either. Your past, the past you feel to be true is all fiction. You are in a fictional world of your choosing. This is all a simulation. You don’t believe me? Take a look at this.

Cut to : EXT building (science center like), limo drives up, rich guy casually dressed gets out and walks into building

audio : (Natural street sounds)

Cut to : INT same building. Rich guy signs in and walks to elevator bank, gets on elevator, doors close the shot.

audio : (Natural sound, elevator ding)

Cut to : INT some other floor, doors open and rich guy gets out and turns to some smoked doors and enters.

audio : (Natural sound, elevator ding)

Cut to: INT reception

Narrator : This is you, just about an hour ago. You paid for the opportunity to experience a new life for a while. You wanted to work out some issues you had in a safe way so you decided to virtualize. It’s a form of therapy but one that doesn’t hurt your real life and social situations. In short, in this world you can do nothing wrong. So like a lucid dream you should have no fear and you should live the life you want to live right now. Take no prisoners, pull no punches.

(at same time as narrator)

Secretary : Hello MR. Jenkins, right this way

Cut to : rich guy walking into office, chatting with guy in nice suit who walks him to a table, puts some electrodes on his head and dims the lights,

Fade to black.

Philly Mag top 50 : My take

So in case you didn’t notice, Philly mag has published their top 50 restaurants issue. This is probably my favorite issue and every year I start at #1 and try to eat my way through the places on list I’d never gone to before.

I thought I’d take you through the list (links to my yelp reviews) :

  1. Stateside : My love for this place is well known. I’ve probably been there more than a dozen times since it opened and I’ve had 2 other meals specially prepared by George (one at Cook and one at my house).. So psyched to see it at #1. Totally deserved.

  2. Marigold Kitchen : Went there a number of years ago and was like “eh”. Now of course I’m going back to see how it’s changed.

  3. Vedge : Loved Horizons (now closed).. have to try this place soon

  4. The Farm and Fisherman : Never been.. will be #3 to visit.

  5. Le Virtu : You know what? I’ve been here about 4 times now and I have not been very impressed yet. I don’t get it.

  6. Sbraga : Went 2 times. When it opened and then again a few months ago. Both times I was really, really happy. This place is quite good.

  7. Fond : Been here 3 times. I liked it every time. Good price/performance

  8. Amis : been there 4 times now. Kind of like Amis. What more can I say?

  9. Vetri : Snuck in one night and had the best pasta (gnocci) that I’ve ever had before. The rest, while quite good didn’t make me want to come back and spend $$$. Service was great though.

  10. Bibou : Well, here’s the deal with bibou. This place is around the corner from me and I’d been wanting to go forever. So my lady friend took me there and I have to say that either it wasn’t good or I don’t like traditional French food. However, we became boyfriend/girlfriend that night so it holds a very sigificant place in my heart. But I hope I never have to go back..

  11. Blackfish : Been wanting to go.. Now have no excuse.

  12. Brauhaus Schmitz : Never Been

  13. Osteria : Some say this is a poor mans Vetri but I say that it’s really better. Go here.

  14. Zahav : Went here a number of times.. Had great meals every time.

  15. Vernick Food & Drink : Never heard of it.

  16. Will : Rushed in here one night with no reservations and had the kind of meal I thought I’d get from Bibou. If you want French, go here. This place is tasty and comfy.

  17. Fork : Been to Fork a couple of times over the years. Each time was pretty good. Not great, pretty good.

  18. Zeppoli : Got to check this out.

  19. Han Dynasty : Went here 3 times. One of which was my second date with my girlfriend and which also was a terrible meal. The other 2 times were pretty good. I think overall its a bit overrated.

  20. The Fountain : I had lunch here once. It was spectacular.. Got to try dinner next.

  21. Amada : Yea. You know what? Fuck Amada. There, I said it. I’ve been there way too many times, each time wanting it to be good and it under-performs. The last time was a pig roast and the front of house was so badly managed we had an incident. Go to Tinto instead.

  22. Dandelion : Had drinks here a couple of times.. Never the food.. Got to try this

  23. Tashan : Read my review. I must have had a bad night.. but no, it wasn’t just the food. There was something else.. Fuck it, I’ll go try it again since everyone keeps raving.

  24. Little Fish : 3rd date with my love. Food fair, date amazing.

  25. JG Domestic : Eh. Go to Garces Trading Company instead.

  26. Le Bec Fin : Have not been here since the new management. I will need to buy a dinner jacket and try again.

  27. Zama : This has been on my list to try forever..

  28. Jamonera : 13th Street magic? I will see soon.

  29. Il Pittore : Ooh.. this looks great. Can’t wait to try.

  30. Alla Spina : looking forward to trying this too,

  31. Pub & Kitchen : need to go!

  32. Pumpkin : Went here years ago. Was kind of not impressed cause it felt too foodie like.. But I’ve changed.. I’ll try again.

  33. Barbuzzo : Went here for lunch for Rest. Week once. Was not totally sold that it was great.

  34. Kanella : From the outside this place seems like some cheap Greek joint. I’ve been hearing good things.. I’m ready to be proven wrong

  35. Sovana : never heard of it.

  36. Bistro 7

  37. Nectar

  38. Bistrot La Minette : been wanting to go here forever.

  39. Oyster House : Of course.

  40. Butcher & Singer : eh. Rich guy steak place.. pass.

  41. Lacroix : Yea ok.

  42. Standard Tap : The Tap rocks most of the time.. but a top 50 rest? Not so sure.

  43. Matyson : Went here for lunch, was quite unimpressed. Don’t know I will try dinner.

  44. Koo Zee Doo : This place is cool. You should give it a try

  45. Percy Street BBQ : Here’s the thing. I love the food here, but every time I eat there I get sick later.. Something in my body does not like something in that tasty BBQ.

  46. Federal Donuts : Donuts are riduculous.. The Chicken? Eh.

  47. Supper : Need to go

  48. Mica : Definitely need to go here!

  49. Talula’s Garden : Been wanting to try the original, need to try here.

  50. Parc : Been here a bunch.. It’s cool I suppose but not amazing.. I met Louie CK there once when he wasn’t famous.