Which Table Should I buy?

Putting this up to a vote. I’ve been putting this decision off forever.. Which do you like?

A little detail on my search. I have a nice leather sectional sofa that is in a symmetrical L shape with the square in the middle about 50 inches. I used to have a nice square table there that was about 40-42 inches. I’d like to do the same again but I’m not opposed to a rectangular table on one side maybe 48×24 or so. There are both options shown here.

I’ve narrowed down to a lucky 10 tables. Here they are (note, click on each ones link for more photos and info):

Choice 1 : This one is a perfect size and color and is priced very well.







Choice 2  : Totally different style but I’m very attracted to the cool herring bone inlay work.







Choice 3 : I’m a huge fan of this one because of the smooth finish and the storage underneath. It’s got a 50’s feel to it







Choice 4 : The Ceder is nice, the glass top may be a bit modern for me and its a bit on the small side







Choice 5 : The craftsmanship shows on this one. I love the Walnut finish and the sleek storage spaces.







Choice 6 : This one is simple and rustic and beautiful. Though it may be a touch too rustic for the room. Love the attention to detail on the edges.








Choice 7 : Love the legs. The color may be off for my room though.







Choice 8 : Interestingly enough, the color of this one should work since I have some beech cabinets in the same room. It has the standard wire legs which I’m not a huge fan of though.






Choice 9 : Same looking legs as #8 but these look sturdier to me.. I really like the material used and the finish looks like it’s going to rock.







Choice 10 : This table is unique. I love the legs, I like the concept, but I have this feeling that it will not be as solid as I want it to be. Like, can someone sit on it? Can I put my legs up on it?