We the People (only when its convenient for the white house)

Interesting news today. But first a little background. The White House and our wonderful president had started this wonderful new website section where anyone could propose something and if they got enough signatures (25,000) the White House would publicly respond to the ‘petition’ from the people. It is called We The People and one would think this would be a great policy.

But, you see, its not going to be trusted by anyone if the White House pulls down petitions as they approach the 25,000 signature mark. In fact one would be really upset with their president if this happened on his watch.

Well, it did of course. There was a petition asking for the TSA to take public comments on their Full Body Scanners (those insane contraptions that I am proud to say I have never been in). This was court ordered over a year ago and the TSA has simply ignored the order. It was then re-ordered.. still nothing. Well, apparently the White House pulled it down after some ‘site maintenance’ . The petition was publically suppored by Bruce Schneier and Wired Magazine among others.

Really sad. Nice work Barack.