The Newsroom : First Thoughts

I’ve been pretty excited to see this new show for a while now. Having just seen it I wanted to put a couple of thoughts down before I forgot them. I think I did the same for Studio 60. I will have to go back and see how accurate those thoughts were 🙂

Anyway. The theme of this show is seriously compelling. If you’ve ever read my blog you would know that for about 10 years now almost everything I’ve ever complained about was based on one central premise and that’s that the news media has failed us entirely. My belief is that if we were an informed public we wouldn’t be so complacent all the time when insane things happen in the world around us. But of course, the news is just entertainment now. It’s a profit center. Just watch the fabulous movie Network, which was made in the 70s! and see that the insane future they predicted has come true.

This show is about a news organization that has decided to say : Fuck the ratings, we’re going to report the news. We’re going to question people and have opinions. Wow wouldn’t that be amazing if it were real huh? I love that about this show. I love that I can at least enjoy a fictional representation of what I long for in America.

But is it good TV? Sorkin has proven only once that he can do successful TV when he made the West Wing. Sportsnight, Studio 60? Both wonderful TV shows, but did they last? Perhaps this show will succeed. I sure hope it does. The cast is fresh and all seem to be interesting and compelling, the writing doesn’t even need to be discussed..

I really like how this episode (and the entire series) is set back in time by 2 years. It’s like we’re in an alternate universe where the media gets it right. Real stories from our past are re imagined. Real names, real people.. I really am looking forward to seeing how this works out.

Overall, I like the show. It doesn’t grab me though. I’m worried about that but it’s too soon to tell so I will reserve judgement. I can say this : I can’t wait to see next weeks episode though

False Alarm

The universe really is trying to affect this story. I think it’s because so many people are interested in it. Of everything I’ve written this is the one topic that people are asking me about in person when I see them. Its amazing in some ways. Why don’t you all respond when I write about politics??

Anyway, all this interest is making random events seem commonplace. I think it’s a collective energy thing of some sort. I will leave that up to new age experts to decipher.

The reason I say this is that I got on the subway again yesterday at a totally different time than the other day and the girl from Monday was standing there in the doorway. How is this possible?

So I stand there across from her. Directly across from her and she doesn’t even see me at all. As if she didn’t recognize me at all. As in, it’s not the elevator girl! I am fairly certain of this. I mean I spent like 10 minutes essentially face to face with her.

My belief is that she ended up there purely to show me that she wasn’t the girl I was pursuing. Of course also so that I would be able to give you all another chapter in this little story.

I will keep you posted. And yes, when and if I see this woman in my building I am going to totally ask her out so don’t fear that…

3 strikes and you’re out buddy.

I think I made another mistake. You tell me…

Every day now I spend a few extra minutes in the lobby of my building. I let a few elevators pass as I hope that this girl will show up again. But I’ve been starting to give up hope. Whatever random fate that connected us those two times is all used up.

And then comes yesterday.

After spending 5 minutes checking my phone out in front of my building I finally give up and head home. I’m thinking to myself as I walk : “wow, I just have to forget this girl and let things happen naturally.. if I meet her I meet her..”. I go to the post office, head down to the subway and get on the last car (which I usually don’t do since it doesn’t line up with the stairs at my stop, but I do it anyway for some unknown reason).

Sure enough I look around the car when I get on and sitting there in the back row of my section is a girl who I think is the girl from my building! Now of course I don’t stare and I turn around and face the front but I can see her in a reflection. Is that her? Am I imagining that it’s her? It can’t be her.

I ponder missing my stop so I can see where she gets off. I think about getting up, walking back to her and saying something really brilliant like “Don’t you work at 18th and Arch?”. I debate all of these things and of course, I do nothing, frozen in this indecision.

Finally I decide it’s not her and I get up at my stop to get off and sure enough, she does too. We get off and start walking and I’m certain she glances back at me. Instead of thinking “Yes, that’s her and she knows its me and she wants me to come over and say hello” I think “She doesn’t know me and is creeped out that I looked at her a couple of times and is wondering if I’m following her.”.

We continue along and she goes down onto another platform to another train and its then that I realize that it really was her. For the 3rd time, completely at random, she was placed into my life and again I failed to act.

Was this my 3rd strike?

Made up for the Fuck Up

Well, it turns out as luck would have it that I got on the elevator today after lunch and guess what? That girl was there too.. So she does work in the building!

We got on, she was texting so I just stood there, frozen again. Wondering if I should ask her ‘hey did you know this building was haunted?’ (credit Matt).. I knew I had to do something but I was stuck. Finally I noticed her texting style.. one finger, sliding around the phone.. ahh! Swipe! An opening finally!

“Are you swiping?” .. best opening line ever right?

This led to a tiny conversation about android and swiping and then the doors opened to her floor. She didn’t jump off right away but instead held the doors to finish up and say goodbye.. This was all good. Words have been spoken. Smiles traded.

Now friends.. this is the last you will hear of this since if I do meet her I will surely give her my card and you know will lead her here.. I wonder if I should delete these messages.. hmn..

I fucked up

I’m so upset with myself and I can’t even work until I beat myself up some more. I walked into my lobby and saw the most beautiful woman standing there waiting for an elevator. It was one of those magical attraction at first sight moments that never seem to happen anymore for me.

The elevator came, we both got on (along with some other people) and she pressed her button. I did the same and turned around to look at her and she was looking right at me and smiled. I smiled back. There was something between us.

The best I could do was watch her get off on her floor. I rode up to mine, got out of the elevator and just stood there frozen. I was stuck. Should I go back down to her floor and say “Hi” and see what happens? Should I go back to work and just write it off like I do all the time?

After standing there for 2 or 3 minutes I finally gave up and went to work. That was 20 minutes ago. I’m sitting here spaced out and pissed off. I made a huge mistake and I feel like I will coninue to behave this way. Why am I so shy?