The Flag of Earth

This is a proposed flag design for the planet Earth. Assuming we ever leave our planet and need to represent ourselves we would need a flag no? I think this is pretty bad ass. It’s apparently inspired by the plaque on the Pioneer space probe.

The author has posted this up on github in an effort to foster some collective input/changes, but I pretty much think its spot on already.. What do you think?

Tom Sachs | Space Program : Mars

Just in case you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard me talk about Tom Sachs, you’re going to get a quick little intro here about his new upcoming show: Space Program : Mars.

The followup to his Space Prorgam (in 2007 at Gagusian Gallery in LA) is going to be incredible. Wait, you don’t know about the original Space Program show? Well, here’s the deal: He, and his crew, built a full scale Lunar Module, Space Suits, etc. and staged a full trip to the moon. Check out the videos from the show :

Space Program: Mars is the same concept except now he’s taking it to mars. His ‘crew’ has been in space camp for months, training for this event and of course the show is going to be huge. It’s at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC and there are all kinds of events surrounding the show. Check out this video to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

You need to see this. It’s art and it’s nerd heaven at the same time. The scale and the detail is unparalleled in something of this nature. You MUST go see it!