Later Today

For those of you worried. Don’t be. Sure I can’t walk right now and sure my life is really sucky but I’m not going to do anything drastic other than complain and wallow around in sadness.

In other news, I’ve distracted myself today by fixing the email functionality of this blog so you can now register and comment if you’d like to.

Um. Also on my shitlist : the PPA

So, I find a nice parking spot and I get a few quarters out of my quarter holder in my car and I go to put them into the meter. I don’t mind paying a meter for parking..

But, hmn. The meter has a cardboard box around it. I wonder if it’s broken? Well lets test it out. {Put quarter into meter, nothing happens. Put in second quarter just to be sure, nothing happens} Hmn. Broken. Ok then.

But, oh hey, there’s a PPA dude down the street. Let me go over and check with him.

“Hi. Hey, I parked over there {I point at my car} and the meter is broken. There’s this box around the meter. I put in a couple of quarters just to be sure. Am I ok to park there?”

“You can park for 3 hours on this block. You’re fine”

“Um, but the meter is broken.”

“Yea, you’re fine.. Don’t worry about it”

One would think it would be cool now right? No. I come back 30 minutes later and of course there is a ticket on my car for an expired meter. Yup.

Now I’ve just come back recently from a visit to the parking court where I was treated like a 5 year old and raped a number of ways even though I had clear evidence of my innocence, so I’m very hesitant to fight this $26 ticket. But it’s the fucking principle here right?

Clearly Nutter has told these pricks to do whatever they can to make money since he’s done such a piss poor job running the city. But seriously. I just talked to the guy, there’s a fucking box around the meter!

I am amazed more of these meter maid fucks don’t get beat up. If I wasn’t such a pussy law abiding citizen I would have snapped. Where is the humanity in the world lately?


I just found out that my blog is having issues sending emails out. So you can’t register or comment. When I come back after the 4th I’ll fix that.