HBO has this Documentary film festival going on where they feature one every Monday evening. It’s been quite entertaining. The one from last week was the best so far. It was called Resolved and it was about high school debating. When I was on the debate team it was a nice civil affair. It has since devolved into sheer insanity where the speakers literally speak up to 200 words per minute trying to cram as much as they can into their alloted time. What made this film interesting was that in addition to showing us debating in its current form, it also follows a couple of kids from a public school near LA that decide that their entire focus will be on bringing down the system as it currently is. It’s pretty cool stuff and also pretty amazing and mostly it all made me feel incredibly stupid. I reccommend you check it out.

Whats up with the DNC today?

Look, I know as well as anyone that it’s really up the party who they choose as their nominee and I’m fine with the whole delgate, convention thing. But can someone please tell me how it is at all fair in any way that Florida and Michigan are getting to seat any of their delegates? I mean, as I understand things, a while before the election, the DNC told these states (and thier voters) that they were not going to get to seat their delegates. That did 2 things: 1) some, maybe most of the voters did not even vote since they knew their votes would not be counted and 2) the candidates did not campaign in those states.

To now allow delgations from those states is quite unfair to the voters of those states that did not vote and the candidates who did not campaign as hard. What the fuck man?