The Bees

Am I the only one worried about the bees? I’m really upset more people aren’t concerned about them. I mean, what is happening?

 see here.

I don’t trust Discovery Network

First it was the exposure of Bear Gryllis (who I still kind of like) and his show. And now I’m seeing reports of “creative editing” on Deadliest Catch. What’s up with that? I mean, this network used to be the leader in cool outdoor adventure programming, now every time I watch something there I wonder if it’s true or not. I’m really starting to worry about the erosion of truth in America (see : George W. Bush, etc.). It seems that there isn’t enough outrage. The media was supposed to be our check against lies. It was supposed to be the one looking out for us. Now as the world becomes more complex and interconnected and the media is so expanded, it seems that we don’t have a source of truth anymore, just a bunch of opinions on who to trust. BBC anyone?

It’s not about slavery dumbasses!

I’ve seen a lot of stories in the media today about how Senator Fumo so shockingly said what he said, but almost none about the real fight here for the rights of homosexuals to couple. What the fuck is going on? A couple of people (usually very critical of the Senator) seem to be getting the real story (here and here) . People, see through the BS and find the issue here: There may be a constitutional amendment on the ballot come November (remember 2004??) about Gay marriage (and in this case this one could be really bad, banning civil unions as well) that is only going to benefit McCain and the Bigoted/Racist Republican scum.