New Laptop

So I wanted a laptop and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it. I had no interest in an Apple. I wasn’t buing a dell. I wanted a Thinkpad but it was out of my range. I went out and looked around and found a gem of a computer. I simply love it. It’s a HP Pavillion dv2000. This one was about $700 and has everything. Built in webcam, wireless, firewire, great sound, 2GB RAM, a decient CPU, a 5in1 card reader, DVD burner.. man this thing rocks and I totally reccomend it!

Zeitgeist is required watching!

Life. It’s a choice between fear and love.¬†

Did you see Zeitgeist yet? If not, take a couple of hours, sit down and watch this. This movie attempts to tell us the truth. The truth of religion, politics, and money.. the 3 things we’re “never supposed to talk about with others”.

Did you know that there is no law that says we need to pay taxes and that they are unconstitional? Did you know that the Federal Reserve is a private company? Did you know that 9/11 was an inside job? Did you know that Jesus quite possibly never existed? There are so many shocking things talked about in this film. And yes, it’s all documented and verifyable.

It makes me so mad to see how we as a people don’t care about this stuff! We’re being used. Real life is a reverse metaphor¬†of “The Matrix” where we are all just being used and the whole world we know of is an illusion. We live in the Brave New World right now. Why don’t we care?

Quicken is Evil

Well, Intuit, the makers of Quicken are evil. Quicken is actually a great tool and I use it every day. But lately I’ve been getting the feeling that Intuit is trying to milk their loyal customers for money.

Point 1 : I’ve been using Q for about 10 years now and 2 years ago they kept begging me to upgrade. I was happy with the old version so I didn’t. Well, soon enough the old version stopped working with my bank. Apparently to use online banking I would have to upgrade. Good one Intuit.

Point 2 : I’ve been getting bugged constantly to upgrade again. Again, I see no reason to but now the software is failing.. well, the internet part is. I have to check my stock quotes online about 6-7 times now to get them to load properly. Strange huh? Something that has been working fine for years now is failing.. I would bet that the new version works great. Fuckers.

Please give us the tools to measure our energy usage!

About 18 months ago I talked about how if we consumers had ways to monitor our electricity usage and other energy usage, we’d jump on the chance and perhaps as a nation, we’d save a ton of energy. Well, as usual I was right:

Here is a shocker: a study by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory of the Energy Department (PNNL) demonstrated that if you give people control and tools to monitor and adjust their electricity use, they use them. If everyone had these tools, it could eliminate the need for 30 large coal fired power plants and $70 billion in construction and infrastructure.

New Hampsire and my favorite company Diebold

also some good stuff on bradblog ( about this same topic.. The interesting thing is that there are paper ballots for these counties but it would take a challenge by Obama to force a manual recount and I would bet that he wouldn’t want to look like a sore looser here so I highly doubt they will do anything. These are the same machines that were on “Hacking Democracy” one of my favorite documentaries on the subject.

There is no doubt in my mind these machines were hacked.. none.

Good news/Bad news

I’ve been telling anyone who would listen for about 3 years now about the fraudulent recount effort of the 2004 presidential election in Ohio that would (in my opinion) have proved that the election was stolen by the evil slimy Bush bastards. It was also recounted quite well in the HBO documentary “HackingDemocracy“. Well, two of the election workers involved were charged with rigging the recount and they have been found guilty and sentenced to 18 months in jail. This is good news. The bad news is multi-faceted. First I’m upset that they only got 18 months. Clearly what they did was tantamount to treason and they should have at least gotten life in prison for subverting our constitution. Second I’m upset becasue you won’t find anywhere in the MSM this story.. I looked with no luck and I’m sure you won’t see this on TV. Lastly, I’m most upset because this does nothing to remove Bush from the White House.. at the least, congress could investigate.. According to Bradblog only 6 Kerry votes in each Ohio precinct would have made him the winner. oh wait.. the ballots have been destroyed even though a Judge ordered them saved.. hmn.. interesting. Fuckers. Why aren’t more of us upset about this?

The Iowa caucus should be outlawed!

I fucking hate the Iowa caucus.. it simply determines too much. And its not all their fault either.. it’s the god dammed media attention it gets. Fuck those assholes man..

oh.. a much more well written piece that is similar in view to mine is found on Slate.