How to avoid causing a traffic jam

For a very long time I have followed the driving principle that when on the highway, always attempt to maintain an even speed and do not use the brakes too often (if at all). This, I believed, would en mass stop traffic jams. In short, I was doing my part to avoid causing traffic jams. But the technique was developed and maintained in my head only since I believed that little changes would amplify back to the other drivers. I was often teased about my belief. Well, behold!

Song Meanings

I was listening to a Tool song called “Message To Harry Manback” which I have loved for about 10 years now and I finally decided to look up the reference (ie. who is this Harry Manback character). I googled it and found the explanation on a site called You know, it’s pretty sad how little I pay attention to the lyrics in music. I love music so much and listen so much, but the words are just like another instrument. I almost never gleen any meaning from them, nor do I try.

So an hour later, I’m still on songmeanings, looking up song meanings (and lyrics) for most of the Tool catalog and you know what? I love this band even more now. They have brilliant lyrics, filled with double meanings and metaphors and all.. duh to me..

Oh and is a great site.. check it out..

Naturally Seven

This was recorded on the Paris Metro, but when I lived in NYC stuff like this was so common on the subway.. talent all over the place..

(was planning on embedding the video, but I can’t figure it out.. so go here)