The Family Jewels

this is pretty cool.. the CIA has released 702 pages known as the “family jewels” which are docs about the Castro assassination attempt, project mockingbird (bugging of post reporters) and other stuff.. check it out!

David Blane Street Magic

I saw this on Alberts blog yesterday.. Sorry but I have to repost it since I have readers that he doesn’t.. I simply find this video hysterical.. You have to have seen David Blane for real to really get how funny it is..

The Future of Advertising

Let me tell you something you already know… Advertising as we know it is getting quite annoying.. it’s everywhere and it sucks.. is it any wonder we try to screen it out at every turn? Anyway, I just came across an ad for the PS3 that was simply riveting.. I literally could not take my eyes off of it.. It was better than most movies I’ve seen recently.. While it has some nudity and sexual suggestivity, I still think that it was artful enough to have been broadcast on network TV. I applaud Sony for not only making it but releasing it into the public.. simply beautiful work…

The ad (and another one.. not as good, but still pretty cool) is here.

In addition, I urge you to check out the website tied to the ads (