Cindy Sheehan quits

…I bet GWB is happy. To me, it’s more sad that the reason Cindy is quitting is because we gave her so much shit. Read her farewell and see what you think. I think she is 100% right!

C-Span 4?

The media has let us down.. I know we have a system of checks and balances in the three branches of govt. but what we need these days is a check on the govt. entirely by the media. We need a tv network/channel that is non-partisan and non-corporate that uses investigative journalism that aims to expose the other side of whatever is happening in the govt.  Maybe they get really smart people from the Left to debate our right leaning politicians and the same in the other direction. It seems to me that the parties have both strayed away from debate and moved to name calling and most people in America don’t seem to care.. Perhaps this network should be funded by the government. Perhaps this network should also be the only place for political television ads (provided for free of course). I don’t know, I’m not feeling very wordy today so I’m sorry this sounds so confused and non-coherent..

Go Barak!

Apparently a new Zogby poll (link below) puts Barak ahead of all democratic challengers in the race against the republicans : “Obama would defeat all Republican opponents, including John McCain of Arizona, Rudy Giuliani of New York City, Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, and Fred Thompson of Tennessee in prospective presidential contests, the poll shows.”

Zogby International

But of course Hillary is (sadly) going to be the nominee.. at least thats the way it looks to me today.. we’ll see..

Reglious Fundimentalism is pure evil

By now you’ve heard about this story of the young woman stoned to death in a public square in Iraq. It is commented on quite well and accompanied by a horrific video of the event in this blog post :

This is why I have contempt for tribalism, fundamentalism and authoritarianism. When it gets right down to it, it’s always, in the end, about mob rule. A gang of violent bullies, often at the behest of some authority figure, “sends a message” by publicly humiliating, maiming or killing one of their own who had the temerity to fail to properly conform. Whether for God or country or tribe, it’s always some poor victim, lying on the ground, covering his or her head, surrounded by people who have turned into animals.

And he is totally correct. Forget for a moment that we support the Iraqi government and others in the Middle East that probably do things like this all time. What is a problem is that if we aren’t careful, things like this can start happening here in America as well. We have fundamentalists here as well, christians and jews and others. Religion the world over has caused many evil things to happen in its name and that is plain wrong. We have to see that and we have to stand up against it whereever it happens or whereever it threatens to happen. Keep yourselves aware.. think!


There are almost 1.5 million people living in Philadelphia. In the first election where Street won, less than 300,000 voted. If that were to happen this year that would mean that the first candidate (of the 5) to get 60,000 votes would win the election. That means that in the worst case, 4% of the city population is going to choose our next mayor. Is that a good system?

It’s not, but there’s nothing we can do about it in the next 8 days so we should vote very carefully. What I mean is that you need to decide who you want to win and who you don’t want to win. My list is as follows : Brady, Nutter, Evans, Fattah, Knox. Now. My thought is that the election if it were held today would give us: Knox, Nutter (in a very close heat) followed by Brady, Fattah and Evans.

Since I don’t want Knox to win at all and would rather see anyone in office over him, I should actually vote for Nutter since I think that he has the best shot at winning. If you are a Fattah or Evans supporter, you shouldn’t vote for either of them either. Any vote that isn’t for one of the 2 front runners will be a vote for the leader (probably Knox). So, be careful, we don’t want another Ralph Nader situation here.

We need to seriously think about changing our election system. With more than 2 candidates the entire system breaks down and becomes unfair to everyone.

But, no matter what I say, if you don’t vote, you’ve made the worst mistake of all and you have no right to complain about anything anymore.

Spiderman 3

Well, I would never have gone to see this film on my own.. it seems too commercial and lately all big budget action films have all kinds of over the top digital effects. Add this to the fact that I haven’t seen the other 2 and you can see why I would never have gone on my own.

But today I did see the film. And I’m posting here to show off about it. See, with the exception of the 200 other people I saw it with, nobody in the nation has seen this yet. It doesn’t open until 12am tomorrow. As you know, my company has been spending a bunch of money and resources promoting the premier and well, as a reward we got to see it today in a special screening courtesy of the studio.

So, I will give you a little review. I was overall, impressed and entertained. The film was pretty believable and wasn’t over the top at all. I suspect that the other 2 were as well since they got good reviews from most fans. This film was also surprisingly funny at times (the intercom buzzer on the editors desk, the French maitre’de). The effects were not overdone at all and in one instance (the “birth” of the sandman) quite spectacular and beautiful. There was also a sequence with a crane and a steel beam. While it was hardly plausible, it still looked real and was pretty cool. Especially when one floor collapsed into another.
I saw 2 cameos. The first one you can verify for me when and if you see the film. Look in the first classroom scene. Behind Peter I am very confident that I saw Paris Hilton.. was I right? Secondly, I loved the Stan Lee cameo. That was a great touch.
I do have a couple of complaints. First of all, the action/fight sequences were shot very close up and I had no idea what was going on at any given time. This is common in action films and I find it very sloppy and uncool. I wish directors would not use the close-up crutch to cover for a lack of detail in their action sequences. Also, I think that the villan named Brok was not motivated enough to all of a sudden want Peter dead.. that came out of left field and it was pretty lame.

Overall, I’d recommend it if you like comic book movies. Enjoy!