Pentagon to Correct all News.. Hitler Youth movements forming…

Sometimes I just can’t help posting stuff.. Like yesterdays post about the poor guy and his Boarding Pass maker. Today it’s the fact that the Pentagon has released info on it’s (new?) program to “correct the news“… Hmn.. we shouldn’t be worried about this should we?

When I was just learning about international politics I was always amazed at how the citizens of foreign nations (like Iraq) had no idea of what was really going on in thier country. I was facinated how the dictators would control all the media and simply let their people hear/see what they wanted.. (ie. control the message). I always thought “man.. I’m glad I live in a country where we have a free press”. Ha.. so naive huh?

How to get arrested.

I don’t have the time to do an editorial on how stupid and insanse some of the airport security measures are. (I think you all know how I would comment if I did.), but I want you all to to be aware (and keep an eye on) of a story that I just found.. As you should know, to get into the “safe” area of an airport, you need a boarding pass and an ID. If you don’t have them or don’t want to show them, bad things may happen. Now, as many of you should have noticed (I know I did), you can easily forge a fake boarding pass and get through (Chuck Schumer has explained this at length).

So, a doctoral student from the University of Indiana decided to expose the issue a bit more by building his own publicly accessable “boarding pass generator”. He is now being seriously harrassed by the FBI and may end up being arrested. For what you ask? God knows, but they are doing it and this poor kid is going to have to fight for his life with no lawyer or money.

You can find his blog here. You can find great info on his story here. (also here). Outrage? Of course.. this my friends is the world we live in. Instead of solving the problem (if it actualy exists and is in fact actually solveable) of security, we simply arrest and silence anyone who speaks out about it. Ugh.


This video is just one example of just one technique for just one type of voting system that shows how an election can be stolen. This can happen anywhere there is electronic voting systems in place.What can you as a voter do? Pretty much nothing. Sure you can get really involved in teh electoral process and try to influence your election officials. Sure you can pester said officials, but in most cases, there really is no easy way to get them to actually care. The GOP has done it’s homework and they have their people running the elections all over the country (See : Ohio in the last presidential election).Most voters (I would guess about 80%) simply don’t vote. And I can see why they would feel that way.. Look at this comment by a voter (found on the same site as the video) :

Well, I was being a little superfluous, but I still won’t be voting. By voting, I tacitly give my support to a system that I disagree with. Besides the fact that one person doesn’t make a notable difference, voting at all is a vote for centralized power. No thanks 🙂

Makes sense doesn’t it? I almost agree with the guy. But I live in a non swing area. I know my vote will be counted since we’re predominanly Democrat and that’s the way I vote. But across the state? Across the country? Most people are in high risk areas. Add to that the fact that most districts have been gerrymandered and guess what? Voters have little say in who really ends up in office.The only solution I see is for someone in office now to stand up and do what we as voters cannot do. Someone in office at the state or federal level has to decide to make it his or her cause to get this electronic voting stuff ironed out. Hopefully somewhere out there that elected official will stand up for us. Is he or she a congressman? A State Senator? Who knows?

Electronic voting can work. The voting process in America can be fixed (along with the antiquated electoral college). We just need somone to stand up and help make that a reality. Call your elected officials and demand that they get some balls and do something!!

Maybe the End

I don’t know. I simply have 0 time to write. I feel like I’m letting you all down. Since I started my new job a month ago, I have no time to devote to this blog. It’s sad since I’ve just gotten a few more readers over the past 2 weeks.. I may post occationally, but for the time being.. not as regularly as I used to. I do have this to say.. for those of you who haven’t been reading my stuff for long, there is a lot of cool, very relevant stuff in my archives.. spend some time and browse around..

Foley and his Pages

I’m not going to comment on whether a 16 year old is “harmed” by getting (and possibly participating in) sexual emails and IM’s from someone much older than themselves. I mean, what makes an 18 year old much different than a 16 year old? It’s an objective line where a subjective one may be more suited..

But what I am going to comment on is what makes me so mad about this whole issue and that’s that most people are ignoring the real story here. Mark Foley was a leading proponent of legislation against this activity (on moral grounds!). What I’m angry about is that Foley, like a lot of other “moral” Republicans are complete fucking hypocrites!! Why aren’t people looking at this guy and thinking to themselves “you know what? Can we legislate morality? Does it make sense?”.. why aren’t they wondering what other lies our leaders are telling us? Why does this not spark debate on the issues of passing this morality legislation from such lofty pedestals?

There is little or no questioning of the House Ethics committe and people are actually finding reasons to protect Hastert even though he knew about this stuff years (YEARS!) ago..
So you and everyone you know should be outraged about this incident and not becasue of the “helpless” 16 year old pages but by the fact that our congress (our congress people!) is filled with lying, hypocritical assholes and we need to stand up and do something about it! What the fuck man?!?

ps. VOTE in November!!!!!

Albert on Hummers

I haven’t been keeping up with my blogs at all. I just came across this post in my friend Alberts blog about how idiotic Hummers are. What he didn’t add was that they were built remarkably poorly. If you ever get a chance to touch one, go up to a H2 or H3 and check out the ‘chrome’ grills.. you’ll be in for a big surprise…

The Neighborhood Pet Registry

Do you have a pet? If you are like me, you have one or more pets (I’m talking about dogs and cats here) at home. I am often worried that a) one of my pets may get out of the house and out into the “wild” and b) someone elses pet may get lost and someone may see it and think it’s a stray and c) maybe I won’t be at home and there is a fire and my pets won’t be saved.

Well, I thought of a soution to this problem and whoever makes up this web site will make some serious money while doing an great service to pets everywhere.

My idea is a web site that acts as a pet registry. What makes it interesting is that you somehow make it very localized (ie. accessable to anyone within 5 blocks of your house) so you can only be aware of pets that are living nearby. The website can have photos of the pets with their names and some contact info and your address. This way if someone sees a pet they can scan the site for the pets in the area (some search tools? cat/dog, big/small, colors?) and see if it belongs to one of the neighbors. In the event of an emergency they can look and see if your address has pets associated with it, etc.

The more I think about this the idea of a ‘neighborhood’ portal is applicable to more than pets. If one can get the localized concept working, they can do all kinds of things.. (neighborhood message board, car registry, children registry, etc.).

Sirius .. yet again

So.. news comes out that Sirius passed the 5.1M member mark today making it the leader of subscriber growth (over XM) for the 4th quarter in a row. So, what happens to the stock price today? Off by almost 3%. Interesing huh? It actually gets more interesting.

See, after seeing this good news/stock drop thing happen for like the 20th time I decided to actually look at the stock price as it correlates to the news. If you go to somewhere like google finance you will see a chart that looks like this:

Sirius 5 Day
If you look at it you can plainly see that yesterday night (before the announcement) there was a flurry of buying that drove the price up a huge amount. After the story you can see even more volume by profiteers with the net result of the stock dropping off in price. So, from what I can gather there is some insider information going on and big investors are profiting on that information. Sadly, we simple regular investors have no way to get in on this.. all we have is our long term belief that a stock will appreciate. That’s the sad truth and one more reason that we regular folk should not be investing in individual stocks.